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[routine help] I keep getting these weird pimples on the tip of my nose and I don’t really know how to get rid of them

2020.02.09 05:36 chaoticneutralhobbit [routine help] I keep getting these weird pimples on the tip of my nose and I don’t really know how to get rid of them

My skin looks pretty good overall. I don’t break out much since I changed my skincare routine. But I keep getting this weird reoccurring redness and small pimples on the tip of my nose. It looks flaky and raw.
My routine day and night is
I switch out niacinimide, vitamin c, and mandelic acid in the evening, depending on the day. The bumps predate my current skincare routine.
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2018.03.24 15:58 opportuneflatulence [Product Question] Need new moisturiser. Current is Olay beauty fluid sensitive, but it's starting to be irritating. Must be easily accessibly in the UK and reasonably cheap (full routine included)

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Hello! I really need help. I've been using the same moisturiser for about 12 years, but my skin has changed a lot recently (for the better - thanks to SKA!) and it's now no longer moisturising enough, and as my skin has gotten drier it also seems to have gotten even more sensitive than before. Ideally I'm looking for something I can get from a Boots or Superdrug (my local Boots is pretty big, with clinique counters etc).
Skin type & issues: mid 20s, extremely pale, extremely sensitive, mostly dry and dehydrated but with some oil around T zone, occasional eczema, hormonal acne around jaw and cheeks. I still have a huge amount of acne on the rest of my body, from shoulders to knees.
If I'm being truthful I don't always follow a full AM routine. I always at least use moisturiser and the locobase cream. If I do the full thing:
I apply locobase or vaseline to eczema patches throughout the day.
PM routine which I follow pretty religiously:
Generally speaking, apart from the issues I'm having with the moisturiser, this is the best my skin has been since before puberty so I'm pretty happy with the routine I have so far. I drink as much plain water as I can (I get overhydration headaches really easily (yeah it's weird) so "as much as I can" is usually 1.5L or so). I just really need more moisture, better moisture, less irritating moisture - and ideally not have to use like 5 different moisturising products. Help me skincare-wan-kenobi. You're my wallet's only hope.
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2017.10.14 04:51 TheLionGuard747 Add Crocdiles and fish nets

Crocodiles are predators in the river. But they can easily go on land and attack. Fish are harmless and easy to attack. Nets catch aimals and olayers. They are after pit rap. Nets also work on land
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